Nation Builder Awards

Dear Rotary Leaders

We enclose the Nation Builder Award Certificate which can be used to present to Teachers.

One major component of the Teacher Support program is recognising outstanding teachers through the “Nation Builder Award”. Recognizing outstanding teachers instills them with renewed confidence and encourages them to perform better. It also gives an idea about the less effective teachers in the surveyed schools, who are later helped with training sessions and workshops to enhance their performance.

Program Implementation
Understand the evaluation process by the three evaluation forms from the resources section in the Member Zone of the website.
Identify a government school and seek consent from School Authority to conduct the evaluation.
The Principal/ Head Teacher and 10 students from each school to participate in the evaluation process.
Conduct Evaluation with NB 1.2 and NB 2.2 forms.
The evaluation process should be anonymous.
Compilation of marks in NB 3.2.
Felicitating the outstanding teacher with certificates on Teachers' Day, 5th September.
Upload project details on RILM website.
Involve the less effective teachers in training workshops to enhance their competency.

Please go through the guidelines and do accordingly.

Yours in Rotary
Rotary District Secretariat


Teacher Evaluation form NB 1.2

Teacher Evaluation form NB 2.2

Project Upload for Nation Builder NB 4.1

Nation Builder Award Certificate 2018

Guidelines NBA 2018

Compilation form for Nation Builder Award NB 3.2