International Youth Exchange

The purpose of this exchange programme is to promote global understanding and universal peace. Young people in the age group of 15 to 19 are given an opportunity to enrich their understanding through inter-cultural experience of mutual sharing.

  • Youth Exchange was started in 1929 at Copenhagen involving European participants.
  • IYE became an official R.I programme in 1972
  • IYE spreads over 100 countries involving more than 8000 students a year
  • There are long term exchanges, short term exchanges and New Generation Service exchanges.
  • It must be promoted in schools through addressing meetings, newspaper advertisements, bulletins, school magazines, fliers, posters and pamphlets.

Rotary Youth Exchange
Long-Term Program Application


Out Bound

Responsibilities of sending parents

  • Provide round trip air ticket
  • Provide health, accident and liability insurance.
  • Provide for VISA expenses.
  • Provide for incidental expenses for a year.
  • provide appropriate clothing
  • Agree to leave the child under the care of foster parents.
  • Maintain E-mail contact and telephonic contact.

Responsibilities of sending club and district

  • Conduct at least 3 orientation programmes to the youth to instruct about the country, its people, customs, food habits, culture and climate.
  • Maintain contact with the hosting district.

Responsibilities of the outbound exchange student

  • Must obey the laws of the host country
  • Should not use illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco
  • Should not drive any motorised vehicle in the host country.
  • Student must attend school regularly and study sincerely.
  • Accept to speak in Rotary meets.
  • Correspond regularly with sending club and district.

Youth Exchange - Information to Candidate


Preliminary Outbound Student Application


In Bound

Responsibilities of hosting family to receive the inbound student

  • Provide a clean room and bed
  • Make him / her comfortable and provide good food.
  • Do not have a sick person at home with IYE student.
  • Understand his / her needs and communicate with him / her often.

Responsibilities of hosting club and district regarding the inbounds

  • Recruit 3 families to host a student for a year
  • provide a student counselor
  • Conduct orientation class to student on arrival
  • Provide transport facility to school and back.
  • Provide monthly pocket expenses.
  • Arrange for tours and visits
  • Arrange for club meetings and other Rotary meets where the I.Y.E student could speak

RID 3202 In-Bounds Hand book


In-bounds Basic Terms & Conditions


On the whole, it is a life time experience. The student at a very tender age gets to understand people of varied cultures. As past R.I president Carl Wilhelm Stenhammer said, "If we could send every 17 year old as a youth exchange student, there would be no more wars."

Rtn. PDG. Dr. George Sundararaj,
R.I.District. 3202.
International Youth Exchange Programme Advisor.